Variety of Lovebirds

Blackmask Violet

Fischer & Fischer Lutino (red eyes)



White Albino (red eyes)

Blackmask Green

Blackmask Blue

Fischer Lutino

My Lovebirds are available privately in Seymour Victoria Australia.

Beautiful colours and all birds are healthy.

Baby Lovebirds that are now available for sale.

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White & Purple x 2

$30 ea

Blackmask Blue x 3


Last updated 03 Aug 10



Current have x  5 babies still in nesting boxes and 35 eggs. 


Facts about Pet Lovebirds

Lovebirds can live from 15 to 20 years
They are about 13cm tall

Lovebirds come from Africa and Madagascar.

The most commonly kept type of Lovebird are the: Peachface, Fischer's and the Masked.

Ideal cage size is 60cmL x 50cmW x 45cmH

Keep cages away from drafts, open windows and the kitchen.
Lovebirds are sensitive to smoke and strong odors. Cover the cage at night to prevent drafts.

Lovebirds are playful little parrots that come in a variety of colors including blue, green and yellow.
Breeding over the years has produced a wide variety
of other colors.
Lovebirds are not good talkers, but they can be taught a few basic tricks. Most birds will do a good bit of chirping.  A chirping bird is a happy bird.

Lovebirds can be kept as single pets, however if doing so,they will require a lot of emotional and physical attention from you.  Always best to have a pair.

 Lovebirds make a great pet.

They are attractive, smart, funny and are easy to breed.

What They Eat

Budgie Seed

Grey Sunflower Seed

Corn On The Cob




Fruit & Vegetables are essential for the Lovebirds diet.  The above items will ensure that your bird will be healthy, strong, and present bright colours.  I have read in an article from one breeder, that you are never to feed your Lovebirds Sunflower seed!!!  I totally disagree.  Maybe he meant black Sunflower seed, as the black has a large content of oil. The Grey Sunflower has a low content.  I have been breeding Lovebirds for the past 8 years and have never had a problem with the Grey Sunflower Seed.


When looking at two Lovebirds, it is hard to distinguish whether which is the male or female, especially when they are young.  An adult bird is a little easier as the female is normally the bigger bird, but this not 100% accurate.  Many breeders tend to run their finger along the birds tailbone to check the gap. A wider gap for a female and a smaller gap for a male.  This process works but if the bird is tense, it is difficult.   I have found a much easier process.  I use a needle and thread.  While holding the bird, grab your needle and thread by the thread and hover the needle just above it's head.  It will begin to sway.  If it goes from side to side, the bird is a male.  If it goes in a circle, it is a female........It is as easy as that!!!  Make sure that there is no wind where you are, as this process will not be accurate.

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